Denture problems? Self conscious about your teeth?‚Äč

Badly fitted dentures can cause discomfort and health problems such as mouth sores and infections. They can also affect you speech and make eating more difficult.

As you age, your gums and bone structure change, it is therefore important to replace worn or badly fitting dentures periodically before they cause problems.

If not corrected in time, poorly fitting dentures can cause irreversible problems and Ill-fitting dentures can lead to chronic inflammation. Dentures have to be adjusted or realigned every year or two, so there are no gaps between the dentures and the gums.

Kevin Doran, our experienced Clinical Dental Technician, will custom -fit your dentures and hand-make them in our on-site laboratory. This ensures the fastest, most affordable and best fitting dentures for our clients.

The Denture Clinic offers a wide range of affordable dentures