The Denture Clinic Services

The Denture Clinic specialises in making and repairing natural-looking false teeth, also referred to as dentures.

We can make a custom-fitted replacement of a single tooth, a number of teeth or a full upper and lower set.

Depending on your budget and the preference of materials, we can make dentures out of metal and acrylic composition, or completely out of acrylic.

Partial Dentures​

When designing partial dentures, we make every effort to distribute the chewing forces evenly over the remaining teeth and therefore preserve the health of the remaining teeth and gums.

Implant-retained dentures

If you are missing all your teeth or a great portion of your teeth and you have to use a lot of dental fixative to keep your dentures in place, we can offer a great alternative – implant retained dentures.

As few as 2 to 4 mini-implants can provide a great anchor for your dentures and stop them from moving around as you eat or speak. With implant-retained dentures there is less rubbing on sensitive gums and therefore less ulceration and damage to gum tissue. It is also a great confidence booster to know that no matter you do, your dentures will stay put.


Denture relines​

Even the best dentures won’t fit perfectly forever. Your jaw bone and your gums change shape over time and small gaps are starting to form between your denture lining and your gums. Your denture starts to move around and pieces of food get trapped under it.

If you don’t want to go through the expense of creating brand new set of teeth, you can ask us to reline your old set. A reline involves replacing the lining of the denture base with a similar material, to ensure a more comfortable fit. Full dentures may need a hard reline every two years especially if your gums are changing shape.

Sometimes, a reline isn’t enough. In this case, it is best to do a “Rebase” and put a new base on the denture.

Temporary Relines​

If dentures have not been serviced in quite some time, a patient’s gums may be red, swollen, or misshapen. A temporary, or palliative (medicated) reline material may be recommended to allow the inflammation to subside. This reline makes the denture fit much more tightly, and is usually soft and pliable. After a few weeks, the gums return to a more normal state. The patient is then ready for his new denture or hard reline.


Reduce your chances of permanent tooth damage with custom fitted gumshields.

Custom Gumshield

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