About Kevin Doran –
Clinical Dental Technician

Kevin Doran is the first legal practicing Clinical Dental Technician in the Galway area and is therefore fully insured and registered with the Dental Council of Ireland.

Offering safety and high standards to his patients.

Kevin started working in a Dental Laboratory in 2003. He then went on to earn a degree, with merit, as a Dental Technician, from Trinity College Dublin in 2008.

After working in various dental labs throughout the country, Kevin decided to continue his education with a post graduate diploma in Clinical Dental Technology. He qualified from Trinity College in 2012 and has worked as a Clinical Dental Technician in Dublin, Limerick and Galway since.

Kevin Doran


Dental Technician working on a set of dentures
Kevin Doran working on a new set of dentures
Partial dentures can be challenging
To achieve a relistic look, all dentures are sculpted by hand by Kevin.
Partial dentures - work in progress