Advice and tips on caring for your dentures

  • Plaque and food stick to dentures the same way they stick to your natural teeth. Dentures should be brushed daily inside and outsidewith a soft, large nylon denture tooth brush with round-ended bristles.
  • Many toothpaste brands contain ingredients that are too abrasive for removable teeth. Use denture creams instead of toothpastes.
  • If you are using denture adhesive, make sure that you remove it very thoroughly every night.
  • Beware that dentures warp if placed in hot water. Rinse them using cold water.
  • Don’t sleep in your dentures.
  • When not in use, cover dentures with water or a denture-cleaning solution to prevent them from drying out. Have loose dentures checked immediately as they can cause friction and pressure on the gum tissues and bones.
cleaning denture
  • Inspect your denture regularly for worn teeth.
  • Worn and stained dentures can make you look older and cause your dentures to function poorly.
  • If your dentures break, call us immediately. Don’t attempt to fix broken dentures yourself.